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Angus Tai Chi Academy

                 Chinese Internal Arts for Health & Wellbeing

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Welcome to the Angus Tai Chi Academy


The Angus Tai Chi Academy is a not for profit organisation dedicated to sharing the Tai Chi and related arts as originally taught by Master Moy Lin Shin (1931 to 1998).


The Academy currently runs Classes in Brechin, Farnell, Laurencekirk, Montrose and St. Cyrus. All instructors and office bearers are volunteers and all proceeds go towards the running of the Academy.

Our Aims

Under the general guidance of the International Association of Tai Chi and Lok Hup Academies, the aims of the group are:

  • Facilitate and encourage people to share in the Tai Chi and related arts as taught by Master Moy Lin-Shin

  • Enable people aged 18 and over from all walks of life to enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi

  • Provide instruction to allow people to participate in Tai Chi on a regular basis and train volunteer instructors to teach Tai Chi and related arts

  • Encourage involvement in Tai Chi in local communities

  • Develop an understanding of the benefits of this form of gentle exercise, as it promotes mental and physical well-being


The Angus Tai Chi Academy teaches 108-move Tai Chi. Our instructors pay particular attention to full extension in all of the movements, a style developed by Master Moy Lin-Shin (1931-1998).

He modified the traditional Yang Style 108-move Tai Chi set to maximize the health benefits for faster health improvement, as he realized that in a modern society, an exercise that was good for health was more important than a martial art for fighting.


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Angus Tai Chi Academy

is a proud member of the

International Association of
TaiChi & Lok Hup Academies


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There are two sets of videos generated by IATLA which demonstrate moves from the set: -

TaiChi17 online tutor

Video introduction to some of the Foundation exercises and to the basic movements of the first 17 taichi moves, aimed at helping beginners.

The first 3 moves are free to try.  To access to the remaining moves a login and password are required (obtained by donating $5 or more - see web page)

Available at


Videos of moves 1 to 65

Videos and notes from
International instructor Ben Chung of the Zhong Wen Taiji Academy in Canada.

A series of short videos
showing each move from two different angles. The move is then shown twice at half speed, before all the moves to that point are strung together. Below each video are step by step instructions which break down the move into short segments, with associated still images. 

Moves 1 – 17: -

Moves 18 – 55: -

Moves 56 onwards: -


News & Events 

New Beginners Classes

New classes will be starting in Laurencekirk, Montrose and St Cyrus at the beginning of August 2022 (see Classes)


2022 Year of the Tiger T-shirts

Orders are now being taken for the new Year of the Tiger T-shirts, with their eye catching design, which came from one of our sister Academies in IATLA.

They cost £13 and are available in round neck or V-neck.  Please place your order with your regular instructor.

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Ben’s Videos – March 2022 update

Many of you will remember international instructor Ben Chung of the Zhong Wen Taiji Academy in Canada who conducted a workshop at Farnell in July 2018. Ben has created a series of short videos and notes, which are available on their website for everyone to view.  He has been working on extending this series and there are currently videos up to move 65.    See the links to the left.

Unlike the TaiChi17 online tutor there is no charge for viewing these videos.