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Angus Tai Chi Academy

 Chinese Internal Arts for Health & Wellbeing

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International Association of TaiChi and LokHup Academies

Zhōng Wěn Taiji Academy

British Columbia & Quebec, Canada

Shen Dao Tai Chi and Lok Hup Academy

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Tai Chi by the Sea NL

Conception Bay South,

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Michigan Tai Chi Association

Michigan, USA

Akademia Tai Chi and Lok Hup

Lodz, Poland

Warsaw Academy Tai Chi and Lok Hup

Warsaw , Poland

Deutsche TaiChi Akademie

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

For full details of these and other IATLA associated groups please see

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Kin San Tai Chi Academy

The Hague, Wassenaar & Almere,

The Netherlands